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Flight Lieutenant Duncan Marshall (Bitsy) Grant

Flight Lieutenant Duncan Marshall (Bitsy) Grant, DFC - Pilot, son of William (Bill) Grant, the first manager of CBK Radio Watrous, graduated from Watrous High School and went on to have a distinguished career as a "train buster" pilot in WWII for the RCAF.

More on Duncan (Bitsy) Grant:
Duncan (Bitsy) Grant 1
Duncan (Bitsy) Grant 2
Grant Bay - named after Bitsy Grant (Click on Location Pointer)

View WWII Documentary on Train Busters. This short film depicts the strength and resources of the Royal Canadian Air Force, with its 32 overseas squadrons. It includes footage that explains the Allied air strategy of hitting the German army's nerve centres and features Canadian airplanes destroying a German munitions train. Duncan Grant is mentioned and appears in the film.

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