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CBK Section from "Prairie Reflections"

CBK 25th Anniversary - CBC Times 1964

CBK 30th Anniversary - CBC Times 1969

CBK Staff (from Orin McInstosh)

CBC / CBK Timeline from Canadian Communications Foundation

CBC Field Strength Coverage Map 1939. Note: This is a large file & will take several minutes to load before viewing.


1. RCA Transmitter operated from July 29, 1939 until 1974.

2. Studios moved to Winnipeg 1948.

3. Broadcasting now originated from Regina 1954.

4. Continental Transmitter moved in and operational in 1975

5. RCA Transmitter dismantled ???

6. On June 4, 1976, CBK's 465 foot tower was toppled by severe winds of up to 100 miles per hour. The station was off the air for four days. A temporary 300 foot tower was constructed and the station was back on the air June 8 at reduced power. Full 50,000 watt service was restored later that day. 7. Continental Transmitter fire in 1978

8. New Transmitter Building with Nautel Transmitter in 2005??? Continental Transmitter also moved to new transmitter building.